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Since people seem to really like my sketchbook stuff… would you guys like to see a video series of my past 7+ sketchbooks since day 1 from when I started college? (So 4 years worth of possible improvement?) :)

So pretty much everyone can see all the good and bad sketches I’ve ever done? u_u. Or would that be too much? Opinions on what you’d like to see would be great, or if I shouldn’t even bother. :p

Anonymous said: D= y u no post sketchbook drawings on Deviantart? I want to favourite them all ;_; liking stuff on here isn't the greatest, since gems like your art tend to get lost in everything else. Honestly, on the whole, I've always preferred the look of digital works over traditional. But your drawings are seriously gorgeous. Every one of them just pops right off the page, unlike some of the most talented digital artists that I know. Very impressive. In any case, keep up the good work!

Thank you so much, that’s seriously the sweetest. <3  I’ve only really started digital art about a year or two ago so my progress is a little sluggish on that. :O  

Honestly uploading art is way easier on tumblr than dA.   I have most of my art tagged under “illustration” so if you ever want to go through them again they’re just there.  I’ll try to upload them to dA little by little whenever I get the chance though. 

Straight up ballpoint pen skull sketches before animating. :)

Straight up ballpoint pen skull sketches before animating. :)


warm up doodles so i drew some awesome babes and butts

Ahhh ahhh ahhhhh. &lt;3  Thank you qttttt. :D!!


warm up doodles so i drew some awesome babes and butts

Ahhh ahhh ahhhhh. <3  Thank you qttttt. :D!!

Anonymous said: What are some things that you like Den?

Movies: The Hobbit and LoTR

Games: Skyrim, Resident Evil and Silent Hill

Shows: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Dexter.

Pretty much knights, dragons and zombies makes my world go round. 

Anonymous said: Den did you get good grades in school?

Haha, yea.    My GPA was around 3.7 - 3.9 for high school and college. 

I worked a little harder to prove a point that I could do other things than art.  Along with the fact that my mum hounded me for not getting a higher grade than 100% on every test score. :P


I may have gone a little too far.


I may have gone a little too far.

Anonymous said: I love your style when you draw. Can you draw pokèmon plz? :3

Which pokemanz should I draw? 

Anonymous said: What's your sketchbook material? Its seems to be so smooth and hard to tear

It’s a Strathmore. :D  The paper quality is great since it doesn’t bleed with markers or ink.  Haven’t tried paint on it though.

I actually explain it in the end of this video (HERE) if any. 

Anonymous said: I really like your art, but I have a question, what kind of pens/paint or whatever do you use for your traditional art? I love the way they look

Thank ye. <3  For paints I use the brand Basics because they’re fairly cheap and they come in big tubes. All you really need are black, white, blue, (cadium) red, and yellow - maybe some burnt umber.  You can mix any other colors from there.  If I have some extra cash I fork it up for some Liquitex.  If you’re wondering on the white on the toned sketchbooks though, I only use Bic White Out Pens. :D

For pens, I recently only use Pilot Precise V5, or Bic ball point pens that comes in packs of 20+.  

In the end of the day,  I usually just use whatever I can grab hold of the time. Art supplies are too expensive for me, and they end up going to waste since if I do get high end art supplies I never want to use them since I feel like I’m just wasting them. 

Anonymous said: Haha just wanted to tell you that your drawings are really an inspiration and i really look up to you. ^_^

Ahhh thank you lil cutie. <3  glad to inspire someone. 

Ereeeeen :)

Speed Drawing can be found (HERE)