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These actually aren’t too bad”

Thesis Update:  First scene is rendering.  No added effects or color corrections.

My computer is still rendering after 24hrs.   I can’t touch my computer while it’s rendering since it cries whenever I do anything.   Batch rendering all the passes for the intro. Yeyeyeyeeee. @_@

11 days until deadline.  T________________T

everfae said: What's the brand of those sketchbooks you carry around, if you don't mind me askin! :D

The small one that I do every day sketches on are Moleskine Cahier Journals.   It’s my favorite when it comes to drawing when I only have ballpoint pens (it holds acrylic well, but bleeds with inky pens.)   They came in packs of 3’s so I bought a bunch. :D

I also carry a small Canson sketchbook, and a Strathmore with toned paper.  Truth be told,  I don’t think the brand really matters.  Just go to an art store, and feel out the papers!    The difference is the texture and thickness of the papers.  Personally I prefer smooth ones because I use ballpoints a lot.  I know others prefer rougher ones because it has more tooth, and it gives lovely textures if you want to use uni-ball pens.  It all depends on what you prefer and what medium you’re using. ^-^

Oh, the bigger one is a standard 8.5x11in art store sketchbook. 

Hope that helps! image


Some thumbnails I did for Nick ~ (EatMyDiction1) c:


Some thumbnails I did for Nick ~ (EatMyDiction1) c:


walkthrough yeah…


by Wesley Burt


As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.


Hello, to celebrate my N’th followers count, and N’th post count let’s do a give away. :D

Rules and shennanigans:

  • You DON’T have to be following
  • Likes, and reblogs count
  • Only 3 reblogs would be counted
  • Make sure your ask is open

3 Winners will be picked on: May 13th 2014  ;)

Prize: Waist up of any character you want!


Continued post from Part 1.

This was a mix of a 3 year happy anniversary for them and how I found The Creatures in 2011 comic project. Lost some files, but here are some more lil bits anyways ^-^

Anonymous said: Hey I was checking aleks redbubble store and the last update wasnt there. Do you have any idea why?

I’m currently making NEW designs for Aleks. 

So don’t panic!