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More train doodles. :)

More train doodles. :)


i finally finished from this ;w;♥

that was an amazing stream!!!!
you guys did a really great job♥
and it made my day thank you :’^)

Anonymous said: If i was dating you, i would start crying because you are so cuteeee and talented and *cries* it would be perfect <3

Come, and let me hug you

Bless this pink haired man! #PinkNova

ruma-k said: Can you tell me what kind of colour pencils you use?

I honestly use whatever I have at hand which are mainly Crayolas.  I got some (8) Prisma pencils as a gift though.  Also have a random black Rose Art pencil because all my black pencils are nearly done.  

If given the choice though I say Prisma pencils are lovely for shading since it’s way smoother, but usually pricier.   Crayola’s can still get you great results if used properly! 

Anonymous said: Lets beeeee friends den ~ :3c

Suuuuuure <3 just send me a message silly patoot. 

Anonymous said: Den your drawings are the best, teach meh senpai

Ahh thank youuu  

Just doodle as much as you can! :)

Anonymous said: Hello, i was wondering if you could tell us some drawing advice maybe?

Practice, practice, practice.  A lot of drawing is building up your visual library.  If you’ve draw an object a couple of times I can guarantee you that it’s easier to draw again even from memory. 

If you have any questions in specific you’d like some advice on just ask. :)


Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

Production Designer’s Notebook #005

Flint Lockwood’s apartment interior: Rough pencil sketch & final design.

The tiny flat that Flint Lockwood and his father, Tim, are sharing in San Franjose was an interesting assignment. The Directors asked me to create an environment that would clearly illustrate the two distinct personalities of the characters that divided the room in half: Tim Lockwood’s earthy traditional values that are fixed in the past on one side, and Flint’s limitless sense of invention and self-expression on the other. Tim’s side is 70’s earth-tones and Flint’s side is an 80’s science experiment. Neither one of them can relate to the contemporary world and neither one of them wants to. They are both living in their own happy realities, while coexisting side by side.

*There are small changes between the rough and the final that were motivated by changes in story, but for the most part, I was able to keep my concept pretty consistent from start to finish.

wippity woppity

wippity woppity

Anonymous said: Do you like drawing girls or guys more?

Girls, girls, girls.   I find them funner to accessorize as well.   

Guys are a bit difficult for me to draw regardless.


Depending on the day or how I feel it’s in between Animate Pro 2, Toon Boom Studio 8.0, TVPaint Pro 10, Flash (because coding action script) and Photoshop.

AfterEffects to compile and add effects.

Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas to add audio, and do video splicing. image


man of my dreams ლ(╹ε╹ლ)


man of my dreams ლ(╹ε╹ლ)